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Wall of Women: Game Changing female leaders
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This showcase of inspiring female speakers is part of Ginger's work with game changing leaders.

You'll find here role models who are all on a mission to bring about positive change in their professions and beyond. Please connect with them, invite them to speak and support them in whatever way you can. Check back regularly as we're expanding the list.

Baillie Aaron Serial social entrepreneur “On a mission to effect global social justice change. Founder & CEO of Spark Inside, bringing coaching into prisons to reduce violence and reoffending.” Discover More
Gayathri Butler Country Director, Girl Effect “Putting girls and their stories at the centre of Ethiopian society” Discover More
Harpinder Collacott Executive Director, International Development “Ending poverty in our lifetime: improving data on people to make the invisible visible and make them count” Discover More
Andrea Dunlop CEO, Fintech payments company “Changing the world 10 annoying things at a time……” Discover More
Kayla Ente CEO & Founder, Energy Cooperative “Leading with innovative solutions to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels in our energy supply.” Discover More
Cindy Hoots Global Vice President, IT “Leveraging technology to have a meaningful impact in the lives of 1 billion people.” Discover More
Claire Mason CEO & leader of the Gender SAY Gap initiative “Helping the world’s smartest companies channel their marketing investment into game changing ideas that solve the biggest problems facing business and society.” Discover More
Maya Mehta Social intrapreneur “Encouraging Social Intrapreneurs to come out of the woodwork and use the business world to address the issues that move them” Discover More
Helen Needham Neurodiversity advocate “A lover of big talk, not small talk, seeking a world where Neurodivergent thinking is valued.” Discover More
Ugo Ojike BAME & gender diversity advocate “Rallying transformative/ innovative change by ensuring all voices are in the room and no-one is being left behind! ” Discover More
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