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Rona Steinberg

Confidence & ‘Emerging Leaders’ Specialist

Rona Steinberg is Ginger’s confidence and ‘emerging leaders’ specialist.

Rona is a certified coach with the Coaches Training Institute and a graduate of their prestigious 10 month Leadership Programme.

As an experienced public speaking coach, dedicated to helping people from all walks of life express themselves more authentically and courageously,  Rona believes that inspiring public speaking is the perfect medium through which this can be achieved. She is a senior trainer and lead coach on the ‘Inspiring Speakers Programme’, Ginger’s Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking and ‘Speak Like a Ted Talker’ programme and also offers 1-2-1 public speaking coaching.  She regularly coaches speakers for TEDx events.

Rona has a passion for working with emerging leaders and is particularly skilled in helping people to gain clarity around their core message and content and then to structure and deliver their talk in the most confident and powerful way possible.

Specialising in confidence building techniques, Rona is a great option for nervous public speakers. Her empathetic approach helps individuals find the courage needed to speak up, whether that’s at conferences, interviews, or in small group situations where influence is important.

Having practised as a lawyer in the film and TV sector, she is perfectly suited to individuals who would like to have more impact in professional situations.