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Introduction to TED Style Speaking

It’s no longer good enough to stand at the front of the room reciting a series of bland powerpoint slides whilst your audience try to stay awake. Audiences expect more – much more – and speakers are now empowered by the fine examples of the greatest TED speakers to entertain, educate and inspire.

TED.com have permanently changed the public speaking game, and you can too. Have the impact of the finest TED talkers with this high powered 1 day TED Talk training programme from Ginger’s TED talk specialists.

Who should attend the course?

Our TED style speaking training is aimed at senior professionals, established entrepreneurs and academics who want to:

  • Deliver more lively conference speeches
  • Develop a high impact keynote speech
  • Structure talks more skilfully
  • Identify your most compelling content
  • Use stories in your speaking

This course is best suited to those who have some experience of public speaking, although all levels are welcome. If you would like to work on your public speaking technique, please consider attending the Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking 1 day course, in addition to this programme.

What to expect from the course?

You'll learn the basics of how to craft a compelling TED-style talk and work on developing your very own short format speech.

Our TED style speaking specialists, Beverley Glick and Helen Thompson-Whiteside will guide you through this one-day introduction, equipping you with the basics you need to deliver a highly compelling short talk like the finest TED Talks.

Before you attend, we’ll send you a pre-course preparation pack to help you make the most out of our time together. This includes some recommended talks to watch, so that we have a common reference point for our discussions.

What are the course outcomes?

During our TED talk training programme you will learn:

  • What gems of knowledge and experience you currently possess that will help you write and deliver your TED-style speech.
  • How to write a speech that’s compelling, well-structured and lasts for 20 minutes or less, using our Hero's Journey based framework.
  • Develop an innovative look, feel & experience for your speech. We will help you develop ways of making your speech writing and delivery memorable in ways that work for your message and personality.
  • To find your powerful, confident and unique speaking technique. TED offers a vast range of public speaker styles, the best of whom deliver their content with certainty and charisma. We’ll help you access a natural and compelling style of public speaking that is unique to you and fills you with confidence.
  • By the end of the TED style speaking training day you will have the the knowledge and confidence you need to develop and deliver a short speech in the TED Style.

You will be given detailed feedback about your ideas and how you can make them stand out from the crowd, as well as Ginger’s TED Talk Guidebook – a walk-through tool to help you put together your full talk.

And who knows, you might even go on to do your very own TED talk, like a number of our TED Talk training graduates, including Yang-May Ooi whose TEDx Talk was seen as a highlight of the whole TEDxCoventGardenWomen event:

A Note on TED

TED is a registered trade mark of TED Conferences LLC. Ginger Training & Coaching Ltd and GingerPublicSpeaking.com are in no way affiliated with or connected to TED. We are admirers of TED’s work, but in the same way as you might ‘learn to speak like Steve Jobs’, this programme focuses on taking the lessons learned from researching the finest TED talks and TED style talks and applying them to speakers who wish to communicate with power and authenticity.

We have relationships with various TEDx conferences, but this course won't actively help you to be selected to do a TED talk. TED has its own very specific criteria for selecting its speakers and this journey is your own to make. We would hope, however that this course will help you on the way by becoming a more confident, clear and inspiring speaker.

We’re big fans of what TED has done to spread top-notch, intelligent and inspiring public speaking across the world and believe there is a lot to learn from the format that has been showcased by TED Talks. We share TED’s values of authenticity, unique insight and bringing positive benefit to the world through outstanding public speaking. Our contribution to this new and exciting movement is to offer people the chance to learn and benefit from this style of speaking and in turn to bring benefit to their clients, communities and industries.

NB- we don't show TED talks during the programme as that's against TED's terms of usage. That's why we'll ask you to review a set of 'classic' TED talks in advance of joining the course.

Course Outcomes

  • High powered one day TED style training
  • Learn how to entertain, educate and inspire an audience
  • Work with TED style speaking specialists
  • Suited to those who have some experience of public speaking
  • Develop a powerful, confident and unique speaking technique

Course Level


Anxious or inexperienced. Needs confidence building and basic methods.

Advanced Beginner

In need of technique support, reassurance and guidance to grow.

Capable Technician

Capable, but not yet standing out from the crowd. Needs to dare to try new methods.

Impressive Communicator

Experienced, confident. Developing the capacity to influence and inspire.

Inspiring Leader

Highly developed speaker, able to engage & influence. e.g. like TED Speakers.

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Ginger offer public speaking training for emerging leaders and change makers. We emphasise authentic, fresh and courageous communication, including delivering TED style talks.

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Some Kind Words

Simonne Gnessen
Wise Monkey Financial Coaching

I really enjoyed the programme. Thank you so much for creating such a lovely learning environment. There were so many aspects from the course to put into any style of communication, not just public speaking. I loved the balance of personalities in the training team – it was delivered beautifully, very engaging throughout and great energy. I felt very supported. It’s definitely given me a much clearer structure and more confidence that I have gravitas when I speak.

Simonne Gnessen
Wise Monkey Financial Coaching
Annabel Boys
Holistic Health Counsellor

I found the whole programme really useful, challenging & strong. I found a safe space to explore. To bring my personal story into my speaking and feel ok about it was a big step for me. All round it was a great, accessible, energising and supportive environment. Thank you!!

Annabel Boys
Holistic Health Counsellor
Marije Cornelissen
MEP, European Parliament

A brilliant team who gave me a better understanding of structure and the power of showing emotions, which work even better than facts. I’ll be inserting a little Ginger or TED into my plenary speeches to make the audience feel not see the point.

Marije Cornelissen
MEP, European Parliament
Nigel Rayment
Magnified Learning

I was very impressed by the planning – the schedule was thoughtful and well managed, with strong session facilitation. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of feedback, not just to myself but to the other speakers throughout the event. I enjoyed the opportunities to put into practice the theory and techniques of TED talks.

Nigel Rayment
Magnified Learning