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Inspiring Speakers Programme

This six-month transformational journey has been described as life-changing by almost all of our 150+ graduates – and if you want to learn to influence & inspire others, we know of no better place to do it.

You will be trained personally by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, best-selling author of How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking (Pearson), and the Ginger team of inspiring public speaking experts.

You will develop your authentic expression as a public speaker, learn to step into your charismatic power, learn ways to develop unique and memorable content, find a message you believe in and then share it with the world.

Who should attend the course?

The Inspiring Speakers Programme is designed for entrepreneurially minded speakers who want more impact when they speak in public.

Join us if:

  • You'd like to inspire others with a business or personal message.
  • You crave a personal development journey that will up your leadership.
  • You value authentic, values-orientated expression.
  • You believe that the best speakers aren't cookie-cutter copies of a '7 step plan', but use personality and stories to connect to their audiences.

You don’t have to want to become a professional speaker to do the Inspiring Speakers Programme… but you might just become one after it.

It’s an advanced public speaking course because of the depth of the material and the experiences you will go through during the six months, but it’s equally suitable for committed beginners.

What to expect from the course?

Ginger’s ground-breaking Inspiring Speakers Programme shows speakers not only how to speak in front of an audience, but how to really connect with and influence the audience.

The programme consists of six one-day trainings (once a month for six consecutive months) plus homework challenges, podcasts, a facilitated buddy practice scheme and a Speakers Corner visit. It finishes with an ‘end of term’ graduation event, where you deliver your final speech to colleagues, friends, family… and a panel of judges.

Over the course of six months you will embark on an in-depth investigation of the six qualities of inspiring public speakers – as featured in Sarah Lloyd-Hughes’s book 'How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking '(Pearson):

  • Awareness: knowing how you behave as a speaker and being able to adapt your habits to benefit your audience.
  • Authenticity: public speaking in a way that’s natural and unique to you.
  • Empathy: investigating the needs of different audience types and learning how to serve them.
  • Balance: structuring information to maximise its impact; uncovering and developing your key message; how to tell a powerful story and shape a journey for your audience.
  • Freshness: creating memorable experiences for the audience; developing your own unique style of speaking and expanding your range.
  • Fearlessness: stretching beyond your comfort zone in service of the audience; spotting where you step back from your full impact as a speaker and developing ways to push through.

The cohort has a maximum ratio of 1 trainer to 8 delegates and we typically have 16 people per cohort. The workshop venue is a short walk from King’s Cross station. All workshop days start at 09:00 for 09:15 and finish at 17:30.

The Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking is a one-day starter course that’s a prerequisite for those who wish to enrol on the Inspiring Speakers Programme. If you’d like to book the full six-month course now, please contact us and we can arrange a complete package for you at a discounted price.

What are the course outcomes?

This course will dramatically improve your ability to engage an audience, from meeting room environments to big stage speeches and your group of around 16 like minded people will comprise of entrepreneurs, company spokespeople, and personal development professionals such as coaches and consultants.

You'll learn how to:

  • Systematically identify and overcome your public speaking-related fears and inhibitions.
  • Develop advanced public speaking techniques such as a range of self-expression and methods for handling different audiences.
  • Create a powerful structure for a talk.
  • Entertain, inspire and call to action any type of audience.
  • Find your real message as a speaker and know how to express it on any platform.
  • Become an advanced and impressive speaker who has passion, authenticity and confidence.
  • Push yourself beyond your comfort zone through optional group challenges, such as facing the crowd at Speakers Corner!

Some of our Clients

You can see a selection of graduates’ final speeches here: 10-minute inspiring speeches from Ginger graduates.

Impressive, huh? But don’t worry if they seem out of your league, MANY of these speakers started from zero experience and brought themselves to an incredible place of inspiration and power as speakers. If you stick with the process, you’ll be in the same position as them six months from now.

Course Outcomes

  • Six month advanced public speaking course
  • Expert training from Sarah Lloyd-Hughes and the Ginger team
  • Designed for entrepreneurially minded, emerging leaders
  • Described as a life changing journey
  • Become anauthentic, confident and inspiring speaker

Course Level


Anxious or inexperienced. Needs confidence building and basic methods.

Advanced Beginner

In need of technique support, reassurance and guidance to grow.

Capable Technician

Capable, but not yet standing out from the crowd. Needs to dare to try new methods.

Impressive Communicator

Experienced, confident. Developing the capacity to influence and inspire.

Inspiring Leader

Highly developed speaker, able to engage & influence. e.g. like TED Speakers.

Not sure where you fit in? Take the test!

Interested in this course?

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Speak Lead Change

Ginger offer public speaking training for emerging leaders and change makers. We emphasise authentic, fresh and courageous communication, including delivering TED style talks.

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Upcoming Course Dates

31st May 2018 Inspiring Speaker Programme - 2018
  • 9:00am - 5:30pm
  • Central London
  • Cost £2800.00 + VAT
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Some Kind Words

Kamaldip Bains
Inspiring Speakers Programme graduate

The training I received impacted me on both a business and a personal level. Some of the most important impacts for me:

  • I can pitch to the senior management team with confidence.
  • I can present my ideas with confidence.
  • I am much more comfortable with impromptu speaking.
  • I am comfortable sharing my opinions in a large group of people.
  • I feel I have found my voice.

Personally I am so much more confident, happier in my own skin and I feel that a world of opportunities has opened up to me

Kamaldip Bains
Inspiring Speakers Programme graduate
Sue Wixley
Head of Communications, New Philanthropy Capital

I wanted to say a massive thank you for taking me (and us) on such an incredible journey over the last six months. I have learnt so much about inspiring speaking but also about myself. And I've met an inspiring new group of people who I hope to keep in touch with for a long time.

I truly enjoyed being centre stage last night, pretty much for the first time in my life, and it will spur me on to more speaking, and much more in my career and life. Thanks for being so generous and skillful with all your knowledge and insights on public speaking. Your ability to see right through to all of our best bits is inspiring - and is something else I am going to take that with me as I fly the nest.

Sue Wixley
Head of Communications, New Philanthropy Capital
Kuldeep Thakur
Director Consulting Services, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Congratulations to the entire Ginger Team for the success of this program that culminated in the incredible Gala Finale experience!

It has been an incredible journey for past 6 months and I wanted to drop you a personal note of heartfelt gratitude. Over the past six months, I have re-lived past 22 years that I have worked for innumerable times, found countless stories of ups and downs and reinvigorated my passions.

Kuldeep Thakur
Director Consulting Services, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA