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Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme

Ginger’s flagship 6 month journey to revolutionise your spoken work communications. You’ll develop your confidence, content and impact as a speaker – and create a 10 minute showcase talk.

The Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme is an innovative and bold public speaking programme, developing leaders who can create change through spoken communication.

Practical challenges make this a course which creates concrete behaviour change and the Speaker Showcase finale is an opportunity both to test the speakers’ new level and bring home learnings to your whole company.

Who should attend the course?

This course is aimed at you if:

  • Your business or team would like to be known as industry leaders.
  • You’re great at what you do, but don’t always communicate it with clarity and power.
  • You’d like to tell better stories, influence audiences more effectively and stand out from your competitors.
  • You’d like to develop speakers who are confident, authentic leaders.

What to expect from the course?

Key course content is as follows:

Session 1: Your Communication Impact

  • Presence, impact and range in body language and voice: how a speaker's delivery can influence and inspire.
  • Leadership styles and communication: Developing gravitas & charisma
  • Each participant will receive a Personal Impact Assessment report to benchmark their speaking abilities and action plan key areas for improvement

Session 2: Purpose Driven Communication

  • Expressing your company’s vision with clarity
  • Developing an authentic speaking style based on each speaker's individual style. NB authenticity is seen as a top indicator of trustworthiness in leaders and positively affects employee engagement.
  • Servant Speaking: a simple structure for connecting your words to the needs of your audience.

Session 3: Words that influence

  • Structuring talks for influence: a method for crafting a narrative that highlights key messages and keeps the audience engaged through a talk.
  • Storytelling for business success: developing a bank of stories to be used in various contexts.
  • How to choose words that resonate and are remembered.

Session 4: Ideas worth spreading

  • Methods for holding the audience’s attention: visual aids, word devices and interactivity
  • Developing your personal brand as a speaker
  • Daring to innovate so that you’re remembered

Session 5: Fearless speaking

  • Maximising your communication power by using contrasting styles.
  • Handling knock-backs, criticism and difficult audience members.
  • Optional visit to Speakers Corner (Sunday afternoon)

Session 6: Live Showcase Finale

  • Speakers deliver a 10 minute 'knock-your-socks-off' talk to a live audience. This is an excellent opportunity to show senior managers changing the shape of communications within your company.
  • Written feedback report, including progress report and future development needs.

Ongoing activities:

  • Feedback & assessment based on our Personal Impact methodology.
  • Development of a 10 minute speech to showcase speakers’ ideas & skills.
  • Structured homework tasks to integrate learnings within daily work scenarios.

What are the course outcomes?

  • Detailed understanding of specific public speaking behaviours and how they affect your impact, power and presence.
  • A greater understanding of how to influence and inspire – and how to harness your personal qualities under pressure.
  • A noticeable improvement in confidence and personal expression.
  • Practical experience of structure talks that holds the attention of an audience throughout.
  • Equipped with the tools to tell memorable, effective stories.

Course Outcomes

  • Six month learning journey
  • Develops confident, authentic leaders who can inspire change
  • Tell better stories, influence audiences and stand out from competitors
  • Express your company's vision, maximise communication and develop leadership styles
  • Written feedback report, including progress report and future development needs.

Course Level


Anxious or inexperienced. Needs confidence building and basic methods.

Advanced Beginner

In need of technique support, reassurance and guidance to grow.

Capable Technician

Capable, but not yet standing out from the crowd. Needs to dare to try new methods.

Impressive Communicator

Experienced, confident. Developing the capacity to influence and inspire.

Inspiring Leader

Highly developed speaker, able to engage & influence. e.g. like TED Speakers.

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