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Communicate with impact – and enjoy it!

Presentations are critical opportunities to inform, influence and inspire. There’s a lot at stake. Yet, many presenters can be wracked with nerves about their content, technology and speaking skills.

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So how can you deliver presentations that get the best out of your tech and the best out of you? Ginger’s presentation skills training courses teach you how to design and deliver high impact presentations that get your message across, boost your own reputation and engage your audience. And better still, we’ll show you how much fun it can be.

The problem:

Whilst we’re (hopefully!) great at the day job, most of us have never received detailed training and support on how to do a great presentation. Perhaps we’ve received basic pointers on body language, but how should a presentation be structured? What is the right amount of content to include? And how much personality is it ok to show?

The fact is, most of us don’t know. So, we guess. Powerpoint ‘happens’. Bullet points get created (usually far too many). Nerves rise. The meeting starts. And then, we turn to the screen… and read.

By now, we’re bright red in the face, talking faster than we should. We’ve forgotten the main point we were trying to make, we’re flustered, embarrassed and we want to get it over.

When we get through it we’re thrilled – we did it! But we daren’t even think about whether the presentation was successful.

The result of all this?

  • Throwing too much information into your slides, in the hope that some of it will land: ‘everything I know on a PowerPoint’
  • The tendency towards complexity, so that ‘at least I won’t look stupid’
  • Limited or no strategic thinking about what needs to be communicated
  • Low, or inconsistent impact from presentations
  • Politely nodding audiences, rather than convinced, ready-to-act audiences
  • The sense that you could do so much better, but no methods for getting there
  • Wasted time
  • Missed opportunities to influence

The Solution

Ginger’s presentation skills courses teach you everything you need to know about delivering top notch presentations.

We offer a series of one-day courses, plus 1-2-1 presentation skills coaching.

The Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking is our staple presentation skills day, where we help you get to grips with your body language and vocal delivery. A highly practical and supportive day, it tackles nerves and gives plenty of practice and feedback.

Our five-minute Power Presentations course is perfect for teams who are fed up with long meetings. Using a short, powerful format, you’ll maximise the power of your presentations in the minimum amount of time.

Storytelling with PowerPoint harnesses the power of storytelling for business purpose. This is perfect for teams who need to influence and create buy-in with more than facts alone.

We have 1-2-1 packages available for individuals preparing a talk, or for whole groups of speakers preparing for a series of presentations.

And if you already have a presentation prepared that you’d like some bespoke critique on to develop and hone, our Presentation Laboratory is a practical day of feedback with one of our experts.

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Best starting point

The Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking

Body language & voice training to develop an authentic and powerful style. Fun, supportive, a great first training with Ginger.

  • Public Course / Corporate / In-house Course
  • Mixed
  • 1 Day Course
  • Included in 2 categories
    • Presence & Impact
    • Presentation Skills
Best for conference speakers

Speaker Group 1-2-1 Package

Working with a group of conference speakers to develop, edit and deliver a high impact talk.

  • Corporate / In-house / 1-2-1 Coaching Course
  • Mixed
  • Variable Length
  • Included in 3 categories
    • Presentation Skills
    • TED-Style Speaking
    • 1-2-1 public speaking coaching

Presentation Laboratory

A tailored consultancy day to develop or practice a specific talk for confidence & impact

  • Corporate / In-house Course
  • Mixed
  • Variable Length
  • Included in 2 categories
    • Presence & Impact
    • Presentation Skills

Story telling with PowerPoint

How to design high quality presentations that tell a story.

  • Corporate / In-house Course
  • Mixed
  • 1 Day Course
  • Included in 2 categories
    • Talk Writing
    • Presentation Skills

5-Minute Power Presentations

How to have maximum influence in a short space of time.

  • Corporate / In-house Course
  • Mixed
  • 1 Day Course
  • Included in 2 categories
    • Talk Writing
    • Presentation Skills

Find out more about Ginger Public Speaking

A Client Story

Henry is Managing Director at a Healthcare company. When Henry met Ginger, he described himself as a nervous speaker who had spent most of his career avoiding speaking. Although he described himself as typically extraverted, giving prepared presentations was particularly nerve-wracking.

Something about the act of standing up terrified him, he admitted. He’d much rather sit and have a conversation.

The problem came to a head for Henry when he froze during an important pitch. Blank. Panic. Whilst a colleague was able to cover for him, he knew it was time to do something about his fear.

Henry participated in our public Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking course, then brought Ginger in to work more with his team’s presentation skills. Over the course of four months, both Henry and his team saw dramatic changes in their confidence levels.

Our first priority was to help Henry to thrive. We focused on pointing out his strengths and showing him how to use his natural charisma to connect with the audience. We talked the group through the science behind nerves and how to see presenting as a ‘normal’ activity that he has mastery over.

And critically for Henry, we offered simple tools that he could apply instantly. ‘It was a major revelation for me to see a presentation as a story. Suddenly, I could see what information should be in and what to leave out. And that helped me to speak with more confidence about what we do.’

The group dynamic was also powerful for Henry, ‘I was amazed at how each of us thought we were terrible speakers, but how you could see everyone else doing really well. It gave me confidence that I’m also pretty good at this, even if I feel nervous.'

The impact on business has been clear. ‘We’re winning more pitches and I’m being offered industry speaking opportunities, all because of this course,’ says Henry, ‘and best of all, I’m really rather enjoying it.’


A nervous speaker, Anthony had avoided public speaking for most of his professional life, preferring the company of a good book. During our time together he developed his gravitas and command of an audience and his capacity to engage with charisma and humour. He described the journey as ʻlife changingʼ and feels now that this new confidence has helped him vastly in business – winning him clients that ʻby rights we shouldnʼt yet be able to attract.ʼ

Anthony BrownEntrepreneur & Marketing Specialist

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