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The Leader’s Voice

Experiential & transformative leadership development programme focusing on the capacity to influence & inspire change.

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Our flagship programme is the public Leader’s Voice programme specifically designed for senior female leaders driving change in their company, industry and beyond.

Over 8 months, with a small, hand-picked group of top performing women from a variety of sectors, you’ll develop the speaking skills, content, confidence and presence needed to rally change.

Along the way you’ll experience life-changing activities including a trip to Speaker’s Corner and the opportunity to speak at our Game Changer’s Summit at the House of Commons (or similar).

This is one of just a handful of opportunities to work personally with Ginger’s Founder, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes who is a well-known speaker and advocate on women’s visibility.

Places on the programme are by-application only and we select participants based on their capacity to drive meaningful change around a tangible vision.

To enquire about a place on the Leader’s Voice and for upcoming dates, please get in touch here.

The Leader’s Voice is also available in-house for female leaders and mixed groups. We can tailor the content to echo your business priorities.

What do we cover?

Clarity of Vision

  • Envisioning future success for your organisation and for yourself as a leader.
  • Articulating with certainty; what do I want?
  • Decision making as a visionary leadership: purpose and conscious choice, rather than as a follower: being led by external pressures and priorities.
  • Prioritising and making space for the vision to become a reality by saying ‘no’ to the non-essential.

Resonating with those you seek to influence

  • Sharpening the influence and resonance of your communications to key stakeholders
  • Understanding different personality types and their communication preferences.
  • Identifying and working with a particularly challenging stakeholder group you struggle to influence, your ‘Nemesis’.

Conviction & Influence

  • Increasing presence, impact and ability to convince others of the importance of your perspective.
  • Boosting gravitas, confidence and credibility.
  • Remaining centred, calm and comfortable, even in high pressured scenarios.
  • Testing your conviction / believability as a communicator and receive feedback.

Storytelling for change

  • Developing a specific headline story that draws attention to your work.
  • Story-telling best practice.
  • Enhancing confidence and self-expression in storytelling.

Vision branding: ideas that stick

  • What makes some ideas memorable, whilst others are easily forgotten.
  • Developing a consistent, credible and stand-out brand for your vision.
  • Committing to the ideas that both suit your leadership style and the vision that you represent.

Courageous Leadership

  • The leadership characteristics that you currently struggle to demonstrate.
  • Challenging old assumptions and behaviours to access more vibrant and compelling communication styles.
  • Resolving personal fears.
  • Experiencing what it takes to genuinely galvanise change.

Developing a Keynote Speech (part 1)

  • The principles and best practices of a stand-out conference speech.
  • Developing a short-format speech (e.g. 10 mins) to showcase the vision that’s been developing during the programme.
  • Developing a narrative that engages and transforms.
  • Expert feedback and coaching on the structure and flow of your talk as it develops.

Developing a Keynote Speech (part 2 – can also be delivered 1-2-1)

  • Editing and refining for compelling content.
  • Practise delivering a world-class speech
  • Receiving feedback on speech content and speaking style.
  • Tips for preparing for success on the ‘big day’.

Keynote talk showcase:

Delivering a live short-format talk to an audience. Professionally recorded (included with public programme)

Speaker’s Corner Visit:

Delivering a live ‘soapbox rant’ at Speaker’s Corner (Public Programme only)

Your key takeaways

  • Dramatically improved clarity of expression.
  • Increased ability to influence all manner of stakeholders, even those who are your ‘nemesis’.
  • Development of specific messages that draw attention to your vision.
  • Greater gravitas and certainty in communication.
  • Improved ability to connect to and inspire audiences of all kinds.
  • Guidance through the challenges associated with rallying change.
  • Practical experience of a variety of communication scenarios.
  • We facilitate for you a number of ‘rites of passage’ that cement learning into experience. For the public programme, these include a facilitated trip to Speakers Corner and a speaking slot at our Game Changers Summit, held at the House of Commons (or similar).
  • A professionally recorded video of you speaking
  • A powerful and intimate network of senior female alumni, who include CEOs, senior corporates, public figures and leaders of charities.

This is a transformational programme that expects much of its participant. We carefully select you to join based on your capacity to implement change, so once accepted to the programme you can expect to see radical shifts happen in your capacity to influence and inspire.

NB: We only work with leaders who we admire and believe in. You are not only joining a course, but a peer network of driven idealists who are driving change.

Pricing and format

This course is available in the following formats:

  • Our selective flagship programme for female leaders. We run 1 cohort per year. Please get in touch to discuss the next dates and to establish the fit of this programme to your background and needs.

The public programme is £7,700 +VAT, and we have a small handful of places for registered charities at £4,450 +VAT.

  • At your company: taking the Leader’s Voice programme as a frame, we customise this process to fit your business imperatives and budget; e.g. we might focus on thought leadership for senior women; building external ambassadors for your organisation (men & women), etc. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and pricing.
  • As a collaboration between multiple organisations. We also offer this programme as a joint initiative between a number of companies – e.g between you and your key clients. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss such a collaboration.

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The speech coaches on the Leader's Voice programme were excellent. I feel proud of the progress I've made over the course of the programme in developing my storytelling and presentation skills.

Baillie Aaron Baillie Aaron Spark Inside

I've learnt so many things, not just about public speaking, but about myself. I've really thought about what I want & what causes I really care about. I truly think it's a life changing experience... & a really fun one as well.

The thing I'm most proud of, was going to Speaker's Corner in gale force winds & the pouring rain & standing on a very wobbly step ladder & actually speaking in front of hecklers for more than 20 minutes. It was great to be heckled - it helped us all strengthen our arguments because we knew what the challenges would be.

Claire Mason Claire Mason Man Bites Dog

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