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Corporate Courses

We work with clients from varying backgrounds, from finance to education; from property to politics. What unites them is the desire to use their spoken communication to generate influence and change.

Our in-house courses are tailored for businesses, with bespoke options and out-of-the-box services to train your team in an engaging, inspiring way to take your business to the next level. The staple programmes, range from the 1 day Foundations course, to the extended Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme.

We combine methods from neuroscience, learning theory and coaching to produce practical and much-enjoyed training courses. The Ginger team include a renowned journalist, a body language specialist, national training award winners, a TEDx speaker and certified coaches. All trainers have extensive experience of public speaking and coaching high-profile speakers, including TEDx speakers.

We work across the UK and Europe with a wide variety of individuals and organisations. Recent clients include senior executives at Accenture, BBC, Bidwells LLP, BP, the British Library, Diversey Care Group, BskyB, Hitachi, Imperial College London, Johnson & Johnson, LIDL, the Open University, Sirona, Trivago, Virgin Group, Yahoo, international politicians and a host of entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Our Corporate Courses

The Foundations of Leadership Communications
Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme
TED Style Talker Training
Bespoke Public Speaking Training

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