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Corporate Courses

Our Corporate Courses

The Foundations of Leadership Communications
Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme
TED Style Talker Training
Bespoke Public Speaking Training

We work with clients from varying backgrounds, from finance to education; from property to politics. What unites them is the desire to use their spoken communication to generate influence and change.

Our in-house courses are tailored for businesses, with bespoke options and out-of-the-box services to train your team in an engaging, inspiring way to take your business to the next level. The staple programmes, range from the 1 day Foundations course, to the extended Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme.

We combine methods from neuroscience, learning theory and coaching to produce practical and much-enjoyed training courses. The Ginger team include a renowned journalist, a body language specialist, national training award winners, a TEDx speaker and certified coaches. All trainers have extensive experience of public speaking and coaching high-profile speakers, including TEDx speakers.

We work across the UK and Europe with a wide variety of individuals and organisations. Recent clients include senior executives at Accenture, BBC, Bidwells LLP, BP, the British Library, Diversey Care Group, BskyB, Hitachi, Imperial College London, Johnson & Johnson, LIDL, the Open University, Sirona, Trivago, Virgin Group, Yahoo, international politicians and a host of entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

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