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Bespoke Public Speaking Courses

We want you get the most from our training and courses, so we offer bespoke courses for your company. The course themes we offer can be used as bolt-ons to existing courses or can be stand-alone training days.

The TED Programme and Inspiring Speakers Programme offer advice on how to structure a talk, but if you need additional or alternative training, these courses will give you the flexibility to gain the maximum from our training for your company.

What can a bespoke course offer?

Our bespoke courses are tailored to your company's needs. We will work with you to identify the right training solutions, whether it is for CEOs or junior employees, our experienced trainers can ensure that the course will be matched to your goals.

Course Themes

Structure in public speaking

This theme explores how to structure speeches and presentations, to get the most out of the message you want to deliver.

Humour in public speaking

Our resident stand-up comic James Evans offers a ‘stand up comedy for beginners’ course, which can be used as a lively and confidence-boosting team day.

Body Language

Body language specialist Luke Gregorczyk works around physical presence in tricky situations like negotiations, on-stage, interviews, in disagreements and so on. His bespoke executive presence courses can help participants to develop gravitas, to stop trying to please, or to help manage stress.

Cross-cultural communications

Ginger Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is an experienced trainer of public speaking across the world and occasionally offers cross-cultural theory for international public speakers in training.

Story-telling for public speaking and beyond

Ginger’s legendary Rock Journalist, Beverley Glick (who coined the term ‘the New Romantics) is a story-telling fanatic and can offer in-depth training around how to find, edit and deliver compelling company stories – from origin stories to client case studies.

Webinar training

Best practice on how to design and lead a webinar, usually delivered via a 2 hour webinar.

TED Speaking

Aside from our TED training course, we can also offer bespoke programmes that combine 1-2-1 with in person or online training. This option is often used by international teams preparing for their company conference.

Stage presence & charisma

Ginger’s own Nicky Moran is a stage presence and charisma expert and also works to bring playful presence and lightness to public speaking.

Memory in Public Speaking

The fantastic memory Grand Master, Mark Channon is available to deliver high impact training days on how to remember your lines in public speaking.

Handling the media with authenticity

A number of our team have media experience and help clients to communicate with the press without resorting to cheesy cliches or lies, whether through video or audio interviews.

Non-verbal negotiation power

Back to Luke Gregorczyk again whose body language expertise can be a powerful addition to a longer course, where the need to negotiate combines with public speaking.

PowerPoint & visual aids

Whilst we’re not huge fans of PowerPoint presentations, we can offer training on how to use a variety of innovative methods to bring alive a presentation and make your messages stick.

Course Level


Anxious or inexperienced. Needs confidence building and basic methods.

Advanced Beginner

In need of technique support, reassurance and guidance to grow.

Capable Technician

Capable, but not yet standing out from the crowd. Needs to dare to try new methods.

Impressive Communicator

Experienced, confident. Developing the capacity to influence and inspire.

Inspiring Leader

Highly developed speaker, able to engage & influence. e.g. like TED Speakers.

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