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About Us

We are a specialist public speaking training company, helping to develop confident, authentic and influential communicators.

We turn inexperienced communicators, emerging leaders, CEO's and Senior Executives into public speaking leaders. From our Inspiring Speakers Programme, to our TED Talker Training, we offer innovative and high impact training experiences for individuals and companies.

Becoming a more influential communicator doesn’t involve pretending to be someone you're not. The six qualities of an inspiring speaker are within all of us, we are here to help you understand what they are and how to use them.

Speak. Lead. Change.

History and Our Founder

Public Speaking is an act of leadership. Let’s step up and create change through our words.

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Founder – Ginger Training & Coaching

Ginger’s Founder, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is the UK’s leading Public Speaking expert, an award winning social entrepreneur and coach and author of the best-selling “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson).

Sarah has successfully taught thousands of people across three continents, and created Ginger to be able to reach thousands more. Through Ginger, Sarah and the team are able to share their knowledge and passion to develop people's confidence and enable them to inspire their audiences, no matter what their experience levels. The Ginger team challenge and support people on their Ginger journey to become passionate, authentic and inspiring communicators.

"The ground breaking courses we run under the Ginger Public Speaking banner are about so much more than public speaking, although that’s a great place to start. We show innovators, educators and leaders how they can create a movement by inspiring from the inside out.”

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Founder – Ginger Training & Coaching

The Ginger Journey

Most public speaking training focuses on making you 'proficient'. Ginger public speaking helps you to aspire. Here's the journey we take our speakers on:

1. Novice

Anxious or inexperienced. Needs confidence building and basic methods

2. Advanced Beginner

In need of technique support, reassurance and guidance to grow.

3. Capable Technician

Capable, but not yet standing out from the crowd. Needs to dare to try new methods

4. Impressive Communicator

Experienced, confident. Developing the capacity to influence and inspire.

5. Inspiring Leader

Highly developed speaker, able to engage & influence. e.g. like TED Speakers

Part of the WeConnect network

Ginger is proud to be a WEConnect International certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE). It means we're part of a global initiative that supports and promotes women owned businesses to encourage consumers to invest in female entrepreneurs and support women's economic empowerment.

Women Owned
How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking

"How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking"

The top rated public speaking book on Amazon and a must-have for nervous and improving speakers alike.

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Our Values


We aim to bring the ‘human’ back to public speaking, allowing you to be your true self when you communicate.


We help you get away from powerpoint and communicate your message with clarity and depth.


We transform our clients into inspiring speakers filled with confidence, who can create a lasting impact.


Criticism doesn’t make us grow, positivity does. We see your brilliance, and we nurture and direct you towards it. When you feel confident, you flourish.


When we’re having fun we are relaxed, funny and naturally much more confident and impressive speakers.

Ginger Trainers

Ginger is led by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, award winning coach and best-selling author of 'How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking' (Pearson).

Meet the Ginger trainers, their stories and experience and find out how they can help you start your journey with Ginger.

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