The Body Language of Assertive Communications

Investigating the vital role of the body in communication confidence

Course Overview

A punchy one-day course that gives even shy communicators the confidence to assert themselves. Focusing on spoken communication, from presentations to negotiations, to tough conversations, delegates receive practical techniques that tangibly alter their physical presence and impact.

Grounded in neuropsychology, the Body Language of Assertive Communications shows participants just how much the body plays a role in credibility and the ability to influence.

Through a series of practical encounters, delegates are challenged to take new behaviours back to the workplace.

Who is this course for?

  • Recently promoted managers
  • Managers who struggle with delivering difficult messages
  • Negotiations teams
  • Sales teams
  • Staff who are nervous of giving or receiving assertive communication
  • Leaders who desire greater impact
  • ‘Nice’ people who want to give assertive communication without compromising their values

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Body Language of Assertive Communication course, participants will have:

  • Understood their current body language habits and received personal feedback on its impact in relation to assertive communication.
  • Spotted their typical tendencies to comply, appease or give in that damage their assertive power.
  • Unpicked the physical mechanisms behind high impact and assertive communication, such as posture, eye contact, gestures and the breath.
  • Practiced using more assertive styles in a variety of challenging situations, from negotiations to delivering bad news in a clear and assertive manner.
  • Learned how to have assertive communication without being aggressive.
  • Received a clear action plan of how to implement their learnings within workplace scenarios.

What’s different about this course

Our body language specialist Luke Gregorczyk bases his methods on neuropsychology. He uses techniques from somatics, psychology and mindfulness and emphasizes experiential learning over long theory sessions.

From this workshop you can expect:

High impact methods:

Most training over-emphasizes the role of the intellect and neglects the role of the body in creating behaviour change. This programme shows participants how to find physical solutions to their confidence issues, which is shown to be higher impact and longer lasting.

An authentic approach:

The last thing a nervous influencer needs is to feel false or inauthentic when they’re communicating. Our methods help participants to be both assertive and natural.

A lively, engaging day:

Participants will spend most of the day on their feet and experimenting, meaning that their learnings will stick much better than a theoretical lecture.

Workshop Plan

A typical workshop plan for the Body Language of Assertive Communication looks like this:

  • Introductions & warm up activity
  • The Body Language of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’
    • Differences between assertive body language versus weak or ambiguous body language.
    • Investigating tendencies to appease and ‘make them like me’.
    • How to say ‘no’ without compromising your values.
  • Practice:
    • Game based tasks to experience clear and assertive communication
    • Personal feedback on body language tendencies, spotting any habits that reduce impact.
  • Grounding Yourself Under Pressure
    • Challenging communication scenarios and testing how they impact body language.
    • The body language of calm and how to return to it when stressed or surprised.
  • Assertive Negotiations
    • The confident negotiations method for holding your ground.
    • Difficulties with ‘asking’ and how to ask (e.g. for the sale) without feeling unnatural.
    • How and when to ‘give in’ without anger.
  • Practice: Negotiation scenarios and how to stay assertive (tailored to your company reality)
  • Wrapup and action plan.

Tailoring Options

We can also create a completely bespoke course for your organisation. Please let us know your requirements and we would be happy to put a quote together for you.


The lead trainer for this programme is Luke Gregorczyk and other members of the team are available for larger groups.


It’s incredible to see how much impact the body makes on your ability to negotiate. During the workshop, Luke quickly spotted my tendency to completely cave in at the chest when I have to argue with someone – something I’ve clearly been doing my entire adult life, to the detriment of my ability to assert.

I learned how, quite literally, to stand my ground in negotiations or arguments. The very next day I found myself using my new-found assertive power to complain in a coffee shop (calmly), so it clearly worked for me. And now I feel much more confident about negotiating pricing at work, saying ‘no’ to a colleague and asking for support when I need it.

A wonderful workshop that might just have change my life.

About this course

  • Length: 1 day.
  • Designed for: Sales people, internal & external influencers, management
  • For how many? 6-40 participants
  • CPD Points: 6
    Ginger Training & Coaching is a Certified provider of CPD Accredited Training.
  • Cost: Please enquire for a quote.
    Discounts are available for SME, charity & public sector organisations.

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