Harness the Power of TED Talks

Bring new life and impact to Corporate presentations by learning the world-class speaking technique of TED speakers.

Course Overview

TED.com has raised the bar of what is expected in presentations and speeches. It is no longer good enough to talk to a PowerPoint, speakers are expected to have charisma, humour and a brilliant talk structure.

TED talks communicate high impact messages in a short space of time. When company leaders and spokespeople take on these methods they find their speaking is more memorable, more inspiring and more likely to influence change.

Working with trainers who regularly coach TEDx speakers, this course distils the essence of the TED format and makes it relevant for your organisation.

Who is this course for?

The TED programme is designed for leaders and subject matter experts who desire greater influence and impact.

This programme can be tailored for beginners, seasoned speakers, or for a mixed group. It is typically attended by conference speakers and presenters who wish to rely less on PowerPoint and senior executives who would like to add spark to their company presentations.

Our TED training is also available as the Speak Like a TED Talker Public Programme and the Online World Class Speaker Series.

Learning Outcomes

Primary learning outcomes of this course include:

  • Greater clarity of ideas: TED talks are known for focusing on ‘one idea worth spreading’, a concept which is central to this course. Participants learn how to clear the clutter so the audience know exactly what message you want to get across.
  • Charisma and personality: TED speakers are all very different, yet all have impact. Speakers will discover their own personal style and how to use this to engage their audience fully.
  • Structural power: Speakers learn how to quickly and skilfully create a journey for their audience that keeps them engaged throughout.
  • Better arguments: Most talks lack persuasive impact. They are too jumbled, or too complex. This course shows speakers how to use both logical and emotional arguments to persuade an audience round to your perspective.
  • Confidence boosting: TED methods are highly empowering and confidence boosting. We encourage your speakers to think bigger and bolder than they have ever done before.
  • Innovation: Delegates learn how to find and deliver innovative ideas that will get the audience talking about – and remembering- their message.
  • Reduced reliance on notes: Most TED speakers do not use notes, so we show speakers how to rely on their memory, thus improving their connection with the audience.
  • Integrated learning: Because the course is highly participative
  • A completed TED style talk: By the end of the course all participants will have devised a TED worthy talk – and delivered it to an audience at a showcase event.

What’s different about this course?

Very few, if any, training companies offer specialist TED talks style training – and we’re not aware of any that are led by coaches who have delivered their own TEDx talk. All of our trainers on this course have coached multiple TEDx speakers, so they know what makes truly great public speaking.

  • Course materials have been developed by Ginger Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, a successful TEDx speaker and popular TED talk coach. She has put thousands of hours of client experience into this course, which means that you get techniques that are tried and tested by the very best speakers.

Included in the course fees is a printed copy of the TED Talk Guidebook, our expert guide of how to write a TED Talk from scratch, so that even after the workshop has ended, speakers can continue to quickly and efficiently design impressive and high impact talks and presentations.

Course Plan

Day 1:

  • Discovering an ‘idea worth sharing’: Identifying the components of a memorable message that can be passed on by audience members and going through the process of finding what that is for a specific talk.
  • Shaping a Journey for the audience: Developing a narrative that draws the audience through your content using logical and emotional content.
  • Building a unique communication style: Beginning to understand your strengths as a speaker and developing a speaking style that’s confident and unique.

Day 2:

  • Memory / Speaking with no notes: Methods for minimizing reliance on notes; and at the same time building spontaneity into a talk.
  • Editing skills for speakers: Understanding how to edit a talk to highlight the key information and remove any waffle.
  • Memorable moments: Tools for emphasizing a key message; from anchor phrases, to use of props.
  • Speaking like a TED Talker: Building the confidence to deliver a talk in an authentic and powerful manner.

1 Hour 1-2-1 Coaching

  • Delegates receive a 1-2-1 coaching session to help them to hone their talk.
  • 1-2-1 sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs, but typically involve sharpening the power and content of a talk, building confidence and advice on visual aids and innovation.

Speaker Showcase

  • Delegates deliver their prepared talks to an audience of colleagues, or the public, in a TED style showcase.
  • Options for the showcase include: videoing the talks and offering awards for the best speakers.

Tailoring Options

We offer online TED training for global teams and can tailor the TED programme to suit your needs and budget – please enquire below if you’d like to create a tailored TED speaking programme for your organisation.


Our TED training team are all experienced TED coaches, having worked with a number of high profile speakers to coach them to success. Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Beverley Glick, Nicky Moran and Rona Steinberg are our TED trainers.


Is any preparation required?
Yes- we will send you a briefing pack for your cohort to read prior to the workshop.

Is there any homework?
Yes — the course will be augmented by homework tasks in between sessions.

Where is the programme held?
We can come to your facilities, or use one of our preferred training facilities, subject to availability and an extra cost.

Who will my trainer be?
We will select the trainer that best fits your organisation, date choice and aims for the programme.

Do the training days need to be held consecutively?
They can either be held consecutively, or spread over time. Typically, spreading out the days is advisable as speakers can reflect on the learnings and develop their materials.

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One of the participants said that in the 15 years of association with CEREC, this was by far the best training programme he had attended – high praise indeed! Thank you for your work with our speakers and for the excellent programme

Languages Department
Languages Department
Open University

We were a team of mixed ability and confidence levels who wanted to improve our ability to make our academic subjects appeal to a wider variety of audience members. The TED course was hugely empowering and value-adding for us all. We have each come out with a more engaging and more interesting headline speech which can now be used in many different formats. The Ginger team are knowledgeable and inspiring, much recommended

Jane Knight
Jane Knight
Medical Coding & Training Consultant MedDRA MSSO

Before Ginger’s TED Talker programme I was a mixed, hesitant speaker with less confidence than I would have liked. The programme had a great energy, very positive. As a result of the course I’ve learned that storytelling is a great addition to my speaking. I now feel freer to be myself and have improved my pace and clarity of message. Since the course I have vastly improved my visibility within my field and have even been invited to host a conference – due in large part to my work with Ginger

About this course

  • Length: 2 x 1 day, 1-hour personal coaching plus 0.5 day speaker showcase.
  • Designed for: Leaders, conference speakers and spokespeople
  • For how many? Minimum 7 participants – 2 trainers are provided for 12+ participants.
  • CPD Points: 17
    Ginger Training & Coaching is a Certified provider of CPD Accredited Training.
  • Cost: Please enquire for a quote.
    Discounts are available for SME, charity & public sector organisations.

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