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You’re a thought leader, change maker or entrepreneur who wants to raise your profile. But the thought of public speaking fills you with terror.  If that sounds like you, this half day, low cost introduction to the world of inspiring public speaking is designed especially to give you the confidence to make change happen when you stand up to speak.

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Hello, Ginger Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes here.

Most leaders are brilliant at explaining, convincing and inspiring people in small groups or 1-2-1, yet something horrible happens when they stand up to speak.

They go blank. They get self conscious. They blush and shake. Everything feels and sounds stupid.

Sound familiar? That’s how I used to feel about public speaking, so I get it.

Yet over the years I’ve learned some simple, powerful methods that mean that public speaking doesn’t have to be awkward or embarrassing or nerve-wracking.

At Ginger we specialize in developing inspiring public speakers.

And I’d like to invite you to take the first step to discovering your personal power through our high impact, low cost public speaking event, Ginger’s Public Speaking Launch Pad.


Ginger’s Launch Pad

If you’re someone with plenty to say, who’s been avoiding the spotlight for too long, this one day taster will show you the inner public speaking power that you never knew you had.

Guided by my fantastic team of award winning public speaking coaches, I promise you a fun and high impact day that leaves you bubbling with confidence…

public speaking launch pad event

… all for the special discount price of £45+VAT for a limited time only.

What you’ll get

Ginger’s Public Speaking Launch Pad is a half day, low cost public speaking training event where you’ll experience:

Tried-and-tested confidence boosting techniques to launch your public speaking success.
A powerful, fresh approach to public speaking that gives you confidence in your OWN style, rather than squashing into someone else’s public speaking shoes.
A map of your public speaking strengths and weaknesses.
Confidence in your natural public speaking prowess through opportunities to practice and receive feedback from others.
A public speaking action plan to launch your speaking into orbit.
A special show of 3 of our recently graduating speakers, along with the chance to ask them questions about their journey.
The opportunity to join our fully trained speakers on stage in front of a large audience!

You’ll be supported on your way by graduates of Ginger’s inspiring speakers programme, many of whom also started off feeling terrified of public speaking. We are often praised for the highly supportive and experimental space we create, for even the most nervous speakers.

At just £45+VAT it’s a no-brainer…. join us!


I don’t have a message and don’t need or want to find one. Should I join the Launch Pad?

The Public Speaking Launch Pad is specifically designed for thought leaders and entrepreneurs – people who are eager to develop a message that they can pass on to an audience. This event is not recommended for people who want to get basic practice and technique on presentation skills (e.g. for team meetings, etc). If that’s you, we recommend you look at our our Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking courses, which runs monthly and looks at body language, vocal techniques and nerves.

Will I get detailed practice and feedback?

The Public Speaking Launch Pad is designed as a conference-style taster event led by top Ginger coach Nicky Moran to boost your confidence. It’s a practical day, so you’ll have the chance to do practical public speaking exercises and work together with Ginger programme graduates on your specific public speaking abilities. If you would like more time directly together with our trainers on body language, vocal delivery and lots of opportunities for practice and feedback, please sign up for one of our Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking courses, which runs monthly and have a ratio of 1 trainer to 8 delegates.

Are refunds available if I can’t make the date?

I’m afraid not. The Launch Pad is very competitively priced to make it accessible to as many people as possible. As such, if you can’t make the date once you’ve booked, you’ll simply have to rebook for a future date.

Will the Launch Pad run again?

Yes, we will have a revolving schedule of Launch Pads – we’ll let you know about dates as they come up

Who should join?

Ginger’s Public Speaking Launch Pad is designed for you if most of the following are true for you:

  •  You are, or would like to be a spokesperson for an organisation, or your own project.
  • You have an inking that there’s a powerful message within you that you’d like help to get out.
  • Let’s face it, you’re avoiding public speaking.
  • You generally lack communication confidence.
  • You’re running your own business and you want to be able to speak about it with more impact.
  • Your public speaking is holding you back in your career
  • You reckon you might quite like public speaking… If only it didn’t terrify you so much.
  • You’d like to have a more engaging presence whenever you speak to a group of people
  • You’d like to enjoy rather than dread your next speaking opportunity
  • Any level of experience is welcome and from any sector. Unfortunately the event is not appropriate for under 16s.

Choose your date:

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