Inspiring Speakers Programme

Public Speaking is an act of leadership. Join this transformational journey to find your voice and boldly share your message with the world. Train personally with Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, best-selling author of How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking (Pearson), and her team.

From £2800 + VAT

Since the course feedback on my talks have been: 'best keynote', 'very inspiring', 'truly engaging'. The ISP has given me and my business a step change.

Well beyond expectations.

Inge WoudstraGender Intelligence Expert, Author, Speaker

The quality of the work we did and the way we'd been trained and prepared by our Ginger Guru was exceptional. We truly were a product of a high performance programme. My possé that came to watch the finale could not believe the quality of the speeches.

Adrian CassidyMackie Consulting

I knew I had to make friends with speaking if I was to achieve my business goals. As a result of the ISP, I've fallen in love with public speaking. As well as teaching me to be an inspiring speaker, this course has changed my life and its positive impact continues to unfold.

Liz BalmfordCoach, Your Best You

The genuine warmth and encouragement from the Ginger Team is superb - each trainer is at the top of their game.

Martin DixonManaging Director, AJM Healthcare

Where you will become the inspirational leader you are capable of being.

Gerry NixonDirector, We Get Students

This is not just a speakers programme, it's a transformational journey. This programme trains you to show up, claim your space with confidence, be compelling, authentic and leave an audience transformed. It's fun, powerful and will increase your impact as a speaker beyond anything you can imagine.

Rachel AllanSpeaker, Coach, Community Investment Consultant & Adventurer

Previous public speaking training I’d experienced had been about, ‘do this, do that, be this, be that’, which only made me more anxious. Ginger’s belief that everything we need is within ourselves was a breath of fresh air. I left the course finally believing that my voice was something the world needed… and this to me was transformational. I couldn’t recommend the journey more highly.

Marika FinneProgramme Manager, Unltd

A road map in a pursuit of essence within, with great support and friendship from the cohort along the way.

A truly inspiring and valuable toolkit to return to, expand from, go up and beyond!

Rita AbreuPhotographer

1 day public speaking courseCourse Overview

The Inspiring Speakers Programme is a six-month public speaking course like no other. You’ll receive unparalleled training, coaching, feedback and practical support from the expert Ginger team – and go on to graduate in front of a live audience.

It’s the natural choice for any speaker who wants to inspire an audience. It’s also a leadership journey that benefits your confidence and self-expression in all situations, from pitches, to dinner speeches, to difficult conversations.

You will develop your authentic expression as a public speaker, learn to step into your charismatic power, learn ways to develop unique and memorable content, find your message and then unleash it on the world.

It’s a journey that has been described as life-changing by almost all of our 100+ graduates – and if you want to learn to influence & inspire others, we know of no better place to do it.

Is this programme for me?

The Inspiring Speakers Programme is designed for speakers who want more impact when they speak in public.

It dramatically improves your ability to engage an audience, from meeting room environments to big stage speeches.

It’s an advanced public speaking course because of the depth of the material and the experiences you will go through during the six months, but it’s equally suitable for committed beginners.

Your group of approximately 16 people is likely to comprise entrepreneurs, company leaders, and personal development professionals such as coaches and consultants.

This programme is for you if you crave the powerful, authentic expression of a values-orientated message.  You don’t have to want to become a professional speaker to do the Inspiring Speakers Programme… but you might just become one after it.

What can I expect to happen on the programme?

The programme consists of six one-day trainings (once a month for six consecutive months) plus homework challenges, podcasts, a facilitated buddy practice scheme and a Speakers Corner visit(!).

It culminates in an ‘end of term’ graduation event where you deliver your final speech to colleagues, friends, family… and a panel of judges.

What will I learn on the programme?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Systematically identify and overcome your public speaking-related fears and self-imposed limitations.
  • Develop advanced public speaking techniques such as a range of self-expression and methods for handling different audiences.
  • Create a powerful structure for a talk.
  • Entertain, inspire and call to action any type of audience.
  • Find your real message as a speaker and know how to express it on any platform.
  • Become an advanced and impressive speaker who has passion, authenticity and an immovable core.
  • Push yourself beyond your comfort zone through optional group challenges such as facing the crowd at Speakers Corner – a crazy but transformative experience!ginger with scroll list

What is the specific content of the programme?

Over the course of six months you will embark on an in-depth investigation of the six qualities of inspiring public speakers – as featured in Sarah Lloyd-Hughes’s book How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking (Pearson):

The Public Speaking House Full:blank 2

  1. Awareness: knowing how you behave as a speaker and being able to adapt your habits to benefit your audience.
  2. Authenticity: public speaking in a way that’s natural and unique to you.
  3. Empathy: investigating the needs of different audience types and learning how to serve them.
  4. Balance: structuring information to maximize its impact; uncovering and developing your key message; how to tell a powerful story and shape a journey for your audience.
  5. Freshness: creating memorable experiences for the audience; developing your own unique style of speaking and expanding your range.
  6. Fearlessness: stretching beyond your comfort zone in service of the audience; spotting where you step back from your full impact as a speaker and developing ways to push through.

Are there any requirements to fulfil before I can enrol on the programme?

The Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking is a one-day starter course that’s a prerequisite for those who wish to enrol on the Inspiring Speakers Programme. If you’d like to book the full six-month course now, please contact us and we can arrange a complete package for you at a discounted price.

NB – this is only available if you let us know before you have booked.

Who will be on the training team?

The Inspiring Speakers Programme is led by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes and her team of energetic, empowering and empathetic Ginger trainers – Rona Steinberg, Nicky Moran and Beverley Glick – who all have a knack for bringing the best out of public speakers, whatever stage they’re at.

There will be two trainers per workshop, each of them bringing their own unique expertise and insight. Expect a lively and powerful atmosphere in the training room where you will feel both supported and challenged.

You will also have a public speaking group mentor throughout the course, who will support you through any wobbles or challenges you face along the way through a monthly ‘surgery’ for your whole cohort.

What are your results?

Since completing the Inspiring Speakers Programme, our graduates have:

  • Delivered TEDx speeches (five TEDx speakers from our first eight cohorts and counting).
  • Won public speaking awards.
  • Been invited to speak or host conferences on international stages.
  • Won pitches using pen, paper and personality rather than glossy and time-consuming PowerPoint presentations.
  • Launched businesses off the back of their new speaking skills.
  • Had books published.
  • Taken up speaking opportunities where previously they would flee.
  • Been voted Most Inspirational Leader of the Year by Accenture globally.
  • Gone on to become Ginger trainers.ginger looking into box
  • Launched a successful live storytelling event.
  • Written and performed a one-woman West End Show.
  • Developed inspirational qualities, charisma and capacity to lead change.
  • Learned how to find and hone a message that has impact and clarity.
  • Become thought leaders by distilling the essence of their big ideas.
  • Learned in-depth about their personal style and strengths, which allowed them to speak in a way that is unique and memorable.
  • Reported a surge in their levels of confidence – in public speaking as well as other communication environments.
  • Enjoyed increased visibility in their work – and in their lives.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, though. Head here to see our showcase of Ginger Inspiring Speakers doing their graduation speeches.

Can I watch previous graduates’ Gala Finale speeches?

You can see a selection of graduates’ final speeches here: 10-minute inspiring speeches from Ginger graduates.

Impressive, huh? But don’t worry if they seem out of your league, MANY of these speakers started from zero experience and brought themselves to an incredible place of inspiration and power as speakers. If you stick with the process, you’ll be in the same position as them six months from now.

What are the details?

Ready to start the public speaking journey of a lifetime?

Remember that places are offered on a first-come-first-served basis and there is high demand for course places.

The cohort has a maximum ratio of 1 trainer to 8 delegates and we typically have 16 people per cohort

The workshop venue is a short walk from King’s Cross station. All workshop days start at 09:00 for 09:15 and finish at 17:30.

How much does it cost?

Your six-month advanced/extended public speaking programme is an investment of £2800 +VAT. We hope you’ll agree that’s a super price for six months of unparalleled development and support.

To secure your space, select the cohort date you’d like to join above and arrange payment of your £1400+VAT deposit.

Ginger Guarantee: We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding public speaking programmes that are practical, authentic and full of insight. We are confident that the Inspiring Speakers Programme will be a powerful and highly developmental experience for you.

However, if you complete the basic course requirements (attending all workshops and completing the other mandatory elements of the course) and still feel you have not benefited to at least the cost of your course fees, then please let us know and we will offer a full, no-fuss refund.

Of course, it’s never happened to date.

What are the next steps?

Places for the Inspiring Speakers Programme are offered on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.

If you would like to book onto the next Inspiring Speakers cohort, please select the cohort you’d like to join and pay your non-refundable deposit of £1400+VAT to reserve your place.

If you have questions about the course, or would like to discuss whether it’s for you, please complete the form to the right and we’ll happily arrange a no-obligation discussion directly with one of the course trainers.

ginger with globe

Kamaldip Bains
Kamaldip Bains
Inspiring Speakers Programme graduate

The training I received impacted me on both a business and a personal level. Some of the most important impacts for me:

  • I can pitch to the senior management team with confidence.
  • I can present my ideas with confidence.
  • I am much more comfortable with impromptu speaking.
  • I am comfortable sharing my opinions in a large group of people.
  • I feel I have found my voice.

Personally I am so much more confident, happier in my own skin and I feel that a world of opportunities has opened up to me.

Sue Wixley
Sue Wixley
Head of Communications, New Philanthropy Capital

I wanted to say a massive thank you for taking me (and us) on such an incredible journey over the last six months. I have learnt so much about inspiring speaking but also about myself. And I've met an inspiring new group of people who I hope to keep in touch with for a long time.

I truly enjoyed being centre stage last night, pretty much for the first time in my life, and it will spur me on to more speaking, and much more in my career and life. Thanks for being so generous and skillful with all your knowledge and insights on public speaking. Your ability to see right through to all of our best bits is inspiring - and is something else I am going to take that with me as I fly the nest.

Kuldeep Thakur
Kuldeep Thakur
Director Consulting Services, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Congratulations to the entire Ginger Team for the success of this program that culminated in the incredible Gala Finale experience!

It has been an incredible journey for past 6 months and I wanted to drop you a personal note of heartfelt gratitude. Over the past six months, I have re-lived past 22 years that I have worked for innumerable times, found countless stories of ups and downs and reinvigorated my passions.

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Places on the Inspiring Speakers Programme are extremely limited and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. To secure your place, please choose your preferred cohort and make your £1,200+VAT deposit (non-refundable).

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Our graduates all deliver a 10 minute speech to a live audience of 70+ people. This could be you in just 6 months from now…

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