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FREE CHAPTER: How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking: The six qualities of an inspiring speaker (Pearson 2015) by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes


The World Class Speaker Series: How to Speak Like a TED Talker

Welcome to our free public speaking training centre.

Free resources will be added here as they become available. For now you can access the excellent free public speaking training on TED style speech writing and a free download chapter of Ginger Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes’ book, “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” 2nd edition from Pearson (2015). Enjoy!

Introducing Ginger’s world!

Ginger’s public speaking philosophy is that standing out from the crowd should be enjoyable and authentic, rather than a horrifying experience.

There are far too many public speaking gurus out there who encourage us to think that there’s just one way to engage an audience (usually it’s their way).

Following the conventional route, we apply a formula, look a bit stiff and feel thoroughly awkward. ‘Normal’ public speaking training can make us feel more nervous rather than more natural.

So, in our free public speaking training and beyond, we hope to show you that public speaking is something that involves passion, personality and purpose.

We encourage your unique flair. We show you how to make public speaking feel easy.

And you might even enjoy it!

You can learn more about the Ginger story here. We also offer fantastic public speaking courses in London and online public speaking training.

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