The Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking

Our much lauded 1 day public speaking course features a revolutionary approach to building public speaking skills and confidence. Focusing on being authentic and choosing your impact, this course helps would-be speakers to actually enjoy public speaking.

Excellent training, I really believe it will help me to be more inspiring.

Pierre CadeauConsulting Manager, American Express

I enjoyed the day, learned a lot and had the opportunity to explore my public speaking style in a great group setting.

Peter LockProcurement Director, BUPA

Even though I have experience as a teacher and trainer there were so many aspects of this day that added to my understanding and skills. All teachers should do it!

Cath WalshDirector, Cath Walsh Ltd

Essential for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Paul McIntyreManaging Director, Way Up Digital

I learned to trust myself more, to relax and be myself and to bring my personality out more, but in a professional way.

Julie CleijneProject Manager, Barclays

Wonderful introduction to public speaking – teaching nerves a lesson!

Michael WooldridgeDirector, Woodlodge

I learned from Ginger than you can BECOME a good speaker – it doesn’t matter that you were not born as Barack Obama.

Lisa CecereMidwife

A great experience. Tremendous learning in just a few hours. Very well organised. Great dedication and professionalism of the coaches. I’d definitely recommend to everyone.

Manuel MenduinaDirector, Rothschild

1 day public speaking courseCourse Overview

The flush of nerves. All those eyes looking at you. Dry throat. Losing your words in the crucial moment. Public embarrassment. Horror and humiliation!

If these are some of your associations with public speaking then you’ve come to the right place. Our 1 day public speaking course, the Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking course takes nervous and inexperienced public speakers and in just one day boosts your confidence in all manner of public speaking situations.

Whether you’re a conference speaker, give team presentations, pitches, or whether you’d just like to be more confident when all eyes are on you, this is Ginger’s recommended public speaking starter course. During the day you’ll get expert training on your body language, vocal delivery and how to handle nerves, whilst receiving practice and personal feedback from the Ginger training team.

NB: This 1 day public speaking course is held monthly in London. If you’d like to arrange a course in for your company, or geographical location, drop us a line.

What makes Ginger’s Foundations course different?

We breath fresh air into the tense world of public speaking.

nervous ginger sweatingSo much public speaking training is shallow, or even harmful. Basic presentation skills training often focuses on tips like: ‘Put your feet here,’ ‘Use the 17 Key Power Gestures,’ ‘Stand up straight’ or ‘Say this line. Now smile.’

If you’re anything like me, that kind of advice makes you feel more nervous rather than more natural! I’ve seen people come out of speaker training and clubs feeling traumatised by picky, negative feedback they’ve received.

And more than that, mechanical rules encourage you to be someone you’re not, which feels awkward. Ginger’s 1 day public speaking course is different:

1. Choice, not rules: Rather than giving you a list of rules, we help you to see what impact your body language and vocal delivery have on your audience and choose the most effective behaviours.

2. Emphasizing Authenticity: Every speaker has a different style. We encourage you to find your personal public speaking style. After all, the best way to be an engaging public speaker is to be yourself.

3. A positive place to play: Our training team bring fun (and a dose of silliness) to the training room. You learn and grow best when you feel relaxed and are able to make mistakes, so come to our course ready for a good time.

4. Train with experts: Our London public speaking courses are led by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson), or National Trainer of the Year award winner, Nicky Moran. They know their stuff.

5. Personal attention: Rather than having a mass conference where the trainer will barely even see your face, we limit our course numbers to 8 participants per trainer. So you will receive personal tuition and feedback on speeches that you give during the course.

What you’ll learn

This public speaking course is structured around a Theory – Practice – Feedback framework, with at least three opportunities for each participant to practice their public speaking during the workshop.


  1. Body Awareness:

    Discover whether your body language inspires or infuriates your audience.
    Investigating 4 key aspects of body language and how they impact your public speaking

  2. Vocal Delivery:

    Identify embarrassing vocal quirks and replace them with the habits of the experts.
    5 elements of vocal power in public speaking

  3. Nerves & the Mind:

    4 strategies for transforming your public speaking nerves into confidence.

By the end of our 1 day public speaking course you will know:

  •  The tools of the trade that the most powerful public speakers are able to access
  • ginger at lecturn nervousYour habits and strengths as a speaker
  • How you use your body, voice and mind to inspire your audience
  • What impact your current choices have on your audience.
  • The basic habits that make audiences cringe and how to stop yourself from doing them
  • Your own style that comes from your authentic state, not from a list of rules.
  • Ideas about how to truly inspire an audience

BE WARNED: This public speaking course is highly practical. Come along keen to participate and expect to take away methods you can implement in your public speaking straight away.

About your trainers

The Foundations of excellent public speaking courses in London are typically led by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes and/or Nicky Moran, with other members of the team joining as relevant. Whilst we expect this to be the training lineup, sometimes other Ginger trainers lead the course. All are brilliant and highly experienced trainers.

Dates & details: 1 day public speaking course

Fees: The London Public Speaking Course is priced at £285+VAT.

Lunch is not included in the price.

We also have a £50 ‘good causes’ discount available for registered charities & social enterprises. Please email us to request a discount code, giving your charity / social enterprise number.

The Foundations Course runs monthly and almost always sells out.

Group size: There is a maximum ratio of 1 trainer to 8 participants on the London foundations of excellent public speaking courses, so all participants receive very specific tuition to help them improve. Your total group size will typically be either 16 or 24 max.

Location: All courses are held in central London – please see the booking page for details.

Day timings: It’s a full day of training – please see the booking page for details of timings.

Terms of booking & refunds: Please carefully read our refund / cancellations policy before booking.

The Ginger Guarantee

Ginger’s public workshops are a unique and lively affair and we promise that you’ll benefit from the practical, authentic and insightful approaches used. However, if you attend the entire 1 day public speaking course (show up and leave on time) and aren’t satisfied that your development was at least worth as much as the course fees, please let us know and we’ll happily give you a full refund.

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