Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme

Public speaking is an act of leadership. Learn to influence through inspiring speaking in this ground breaking journey.

Course Overview

The Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme is an innovative and bold public speaking programme that develops leaders who can create change through spoken communication.

Through a challenging series of advanced public speaking courses, executives build on their existing communication strengths and learn how to engage with and inspire all manner of audience types.

Practical challenges along the way make this a training that creates concrete behaviour change. And the Speaker Showcase finale is an opportunity both to test the speakers’ new level and bring home learnings to your whole company.

Who is this course for?

Senior executives, department heads, leaders, managers, conference speakers and spokespeople. The format can also be tailored to suit other profiles.

Learning Outcomes

Primary learning outcomes of this course include:

  • Leadership development: participants develop their inspirational qualities, charisma and capacity to lead change.
  • Clear & powerful communication: the programme helps participants to design and hone a message that has power and clarity. The benefits of this stretch from sales to conference environments as speakers learn which material to focus on and how to tell great stories.
  • Evidenced success: all graduates are given the opportunity to speak at a Gala Finale event, where they deliver an inspirational speech to an audience and can be videoed, judged and given feedback.
  • Personality & memorability: Each participant learns in depth about their personal style and strengths, which allows them to speak in a way that’s unique and memorable; making their messages stick, where others are lost in the blur of information.
  • Confidence to speak: All graduates to date have reported a surge in their levels of communication confidence, not only in public speaking, but also in any communication environment. This programme makes its participants more visible.
  • Persuasive Power: With greater confidence comes the capacity to stick up for a message and create lasting change within an audience; whether at a sales pitch, press interview or conference speech.

What’s different about this course

Delegates often comment on this course as being different. Here are some of the reasons why:

“It goes much deeper than a ‘traditional’ public speaking course, forcing you to use your whole personality to communicate a message.” – IW

“The practical challenges brought theory into practice in a way that really impacted our daily speaking. I now use simple, powerful stories to get across my messages.” – AB.

“The methods made public speaking easier and more enjoyable, rather than another thing on the to-do list. I don’t hate public speaking any more… dare I say I look forward to it!” – MD

“Few professional development courses I’ve come across are so radical in changing behaviours – the Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme encouraged me to be vulnerable, playful and sometimes fierce with my audiences.” – IS

Key Features of the Executive Inspiring Speakers Programme

  • Practice, feedback and support: The programme consists of 4 x 1 and 2 x half day trainings and, plus support materials & homework to support learnings.
  • Learning Challenges: The speakers are encouraged to take on practice challenges during the course to stretch their abilities. In collaboration with your company we can organise tailored challenges to help the speakers integrate their learning; from a ‘no PowerPoint challenge’ to a trip to Speakers Corner
  • Deep Learning: This programme investigates the 6 qualities of an inspiring speaker, rather than a set of ‘rules of communication’. That’s why the speakers we turn out are creative, unique and compelling.
  • Ongoing Development Opportunities: Upon graduating, participants become part of the ‘Ginger Family’ of Inspiring Speakers, which means that they are welcome to assist at any future open programmes of the public Inspiring Speakers Programme to continue the learning.

Course Plan

The Executive version of the Inspiring Speakers programme takes 4 days and 2 half days over an agreed period of time. This is a condensed version of the public Inspiring Speakers Programme, that’s specifically tailored to the needs of senior executives. Sessions balance industry leading theory with razor-sharp performance coaching from your trainer(s).

The sessions are themed as followed:

Session 1: Awareness & Influence

  • Body language, vocal delivery and confidence under pressure.
  • Developing gravitas & charisma
  • How body language and voice can create influence

Session 2: Structure, clarity & the Hero’s Journey

  • The structure underneath the most compelling stories and TED talks
  • How to identify key messages to thread through a talk
  • Connecting your content to the audience’s needs

Session 3: Public Speaking leadership: Authenticity & Fearlessness in public speaking.

  • The power of authenticity in communications
  • Using the purpose at the heart of a piece of public speaking to create more fearless expression.
  • Stretching range & personality

Session 4 — Being memorable: Engaging an audience through empathy and freshness.

  • How to be memorable, so that the audience talk about your message afterwards.
  • Use of innovative visual aids, interactivity, props & metaphors.
  • How to select the right language or story to emphasize a key message
  • Tools for handling different types of audience members, even if they are difficult

Session 5 — Showcase Speech (0.5 days)

  • Each participant will deliver a live final speech to an audience at a company or public event – to be decided in consultation with you. This is an excellent opportunity to show senior managers changing the shape of communications within your company.
  • Speeches are given feedback. Judging & award giving takes place.

Session 6 – Learnings and next steps (0.5 days)

  • Participants join together one last time to debrief the finale speeches and receive their judges’ feedback.
  • Action planning next steps for integrating lessons from the programme into their company or department.

We can also create a bespoke course to fit your organisation’s needs – see below for tailoring options.

Tailoring Options

The following customisation options are available at an additional cost:

  • 1-2-1 coaching for some or all of the cohort.
  • Workshop days that have different themes; e.g. we have in the past tailored in-depth courses on: humour in public speaking, executive presence, cross-cultural speaking, story-telling, TED speaking, stage presence & charisma, memory in public speaking, handling the media with authenticity and non-verbal negotiation power. These themes can be used as bolt-on, or substitute courses.


How long is the course?

5 days to over 6 months. The course can also be completed over 1 week or another period of time, subject to trainer availability.

Is there any homework?

Yes — the course will be augmented by homework tasks in between sessions.

Where is the programme held?

We can come to your facilities, or use one of our preferred training facilities, subject to availability.

Who will my trainer be?

We will select the trainer that best fits your organisation and aims for the programme. You may have ‘guest trainers’ during the course to host specialist subjects.

What are the results?

Please see for yourself – here are a selection of videos from previous graduates of the Inspiring Speakers Programme, many of whom had no previous public speaking experience

Alan Dickson
Alan Dickson
Chief Operating Officer, BBC Scotland

Ginger's Inspiring Speaker’s Programme is one of the best pieces of personal development I’ve experienced during my career. For many years I’ve been interested in how you can communicate with more impact and authenticity and Ginger's Inspiring Speakers Programme finally gave me some answers. I now know when it’s best to push the “usual” PowerPoint presentations to the side and have picked up tricks on how you can really ‘connect’ with your audience, and maybe even win some hearts and minds along the way!

Great course delivered fantastically in a really fun and supportive group environment.

Sinead Ni Mhuircheartaigh
Sinead Ni Mhuircheartaigh
Director in Energy Strategy, Accenture

The Inspiring Speakers Programme gave me the structure and focus to achieve a dramatic improvement in my public speaking ability.  This has resulted in greater impact with my clients – and has opened up a whole new set of opportunities in my professional life.  The return-on-investment has completely exceeded my expectations.

About this course

  • Length: 4 x 1 day and 2 x half day workshops (total 5 days).
  • Designed for: Company leadership and spokespeople.
  • For how many? Minimum 5 participants – 2 trainers are provided for 11+ participants.
  • CPD Points: 40
    Ginger Training & Coaching is a Certified provider of CPD Accredited Training.
  • Cost: Please enquire for a quote.
    Discounts are available for SME, charity & public sector organisations.

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