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presenting data
Public Speaking EssentialsWriting Your Content
26th May 2016

The key to presenting data… is to NOT present data

You have proof. Dizzying amounts of numbers, statistics that PROVE you know what you're talking about. You've worked really hard to identify all the data to support your epic speech topic. Before you go making dozens and dozens of pie charts and graphs, hold on just a minute. It's all well and good to have this overwhelming amount of data, but will people really listen and/or understand all those slides? Your numbers, pie charts, tables, graphs, and slides aren’t really about the data. They’re about the meaning of the data. It's your job to make the meaning of all those…
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How to present a TED type talk
Writing Your Content
25th April 2016

7 ways to do a TED worthy conference speech

If you're a regular at industry conferences you will no doubt be an expert at sitting in a room whilst someone talks at you for a day, or, if you're lucky, longer. The typical conference speech is invariably too long, too PowerPoint heavy and lacking in personality. At the other end of the spectrum we have arguably the best conference speeches in the world - TED Talks. So what can you learn from TED, even if you feel that your industry is a million miles away from the gloss and idealism of high-tech TED?   1. Place your audience right…
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The power of threes
Writing Your Content
13th April 2015

Three is a magic number! How to use the power of three in public speaking

The human brain seems to absorb and remember information more effectively when it is presented in threes. There's a reason there were THREE Musketeers, why it wasn't Four Little Pigs and the Wolf of Doom, and why it isn't Larry,Curly, Mo, AND Chuck. The power of three is an impactful speech writing technique that you can (and should) indeed learn, practice, and master. Threes are deeply embedded in our culture as easy ways to remember things. Most people share the feeling that if they have one piece of information, they can probably slot in another piece of information on either side to make three…
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How to be funny in public speaking
Writing Your Content
23rd September 2014

Have you heard the one about the public speaker? How to write a funny speech

  Some consider humour to be the Holy Grail of public speaking. The old adage, ‘Always start with a joke’, endures like no other. Behind this is the idea that a well-timed gag will win over any audience and open them up to your message. But the role of comedy in public speaking is far more complex and subtle than this phrase would have you believe. As a fledgling stand-up comic, I've experienced first-hand the thrills of winning an audience over with comedy and the crush of failing to do so. I've also developed an ear for humour in public…
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Why it's so important to tell your story
Writing Your Content
7th August 2014

Why is it so important to tell your story?

  I was amazed when I read that 70 per cent of what we learn is through stories - but it makes perfect sense. We are hard-wired for narrative - it’s how the human brain works, how we make sense of the world and our lives. So if you want to connect with an audience through public speaking, then tell a story. But why is it so important to tell YOUR story? Stories draw upon our universal need for connection; in some fundamental sense we need stories. One of the most powerful ways of inspiring others is by using the one…
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How to end a speech
Writing Your Content
22nd May 2014

That’s all folks… or how to end a speech.

You've rocked your opening using compelling, stirring words. Gained empathy from the audience for your message and engaged their interest. Wowed them with enthusiasm and storytelling skills... taken your lucky audience on a beautiful journey. Now what? (more…)
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The best way to start a speech
Writing Your Content
8th May 2014

The very best way to start your speech.

Thank you for that kind introduction... That was really nice of you to ask me here today... I also wanted to thank so-and-so and her staff and their staff and the secretary's dog's cousin's uncle... And of course this boring start to the most boring speech in the known universe wouldn't be complete if I didn't thank YOU for coming here today dearest audience... This is the way it goes for most speakers. Niceties and how-do-you-do's and blah blah and yadda yaddas. Awful. Boring. Predictable. You're opening just like every other speaker the audience has ever heard. And because you…
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How to make a powerful point with your speech
Writing Your Content
15th October 2013

How to make a Powerful Point with your Speech

You have a great speech topic that could change your audience's perception for the better. Even though you know what your point is and why your topic is important... how will your audience? Here are Ginger's five ways to emphasize your key point in a speech... a point that your audience will never forget. (more…)
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best speech opening lines
Writing Your Content
5th September 2013

5 of the Best Speech opening lines

A great speech opening line gets us curious and sets the direction for a powerful speech. Here are some of my favourite opening lines from TED talks - and what we can learn from each. (more…)
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The power of logic in memorizing a spee ch
Delivering a TalkWriting Your Content
19th August 2013

The Power of Logic in Memorizing a Speech

You have a gorgeous speech all written out with perfect wording. It's balanced and sincere and phenomenal and poignant. But how do you memorize a speech so that you can deliver it without sounding like you're reading? (more…)
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