Ginger are a specialist training company who develop inspiring communicators.

With a primary focus on public speaking, we turn communicators from nervous wrecks into public speaking leaders.  From our Inspiring Speakers Programme, to our TED Talker Training, we offer innovative and high impact training experiences for individuals and companies.

Why Ginger?

Ginger Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes tells us the story of how she came to name her company Ginger:

“Some years ago, I met an incredible lady named Ginger.

Only… there was something different about Ginger. For starters, she wasn’t a real person, not yet anyway. She was feisty but grounded. Powerful, but soft. Strong, expressive, empowered and a little bit naughty! She was a vision of everything I want to be, an alter ego of sorts.

As I got to know Ginger, I realised that she is the part of all of us that would express ourselves with power. That knows what we believe in… and is willing to stand up for it, no matter how embarrassing it might be, or how many people might tell us to sit down. Ginger became a metaphor, a promise, an aim – to be aware, authentic and fearless in the way we communicate.

Today, the name Ginger is a constant reminder to myself and everyone I work with to be more brave, more real, more beneficial in the way we interact with others, whether that’s one person or an entire stadium.

Ginger shows up in everything I do, from her own free illustrations (Ginger is the stick figure in the red dress), to our flagship 6 month Inspiring Speakers Programme. The ground breaking courses I run under the Ginger Public Speaking banner are about so much more than public speaking, although that’s a great place to start.  We show innovators, educators and leaders how they can create a movement by inspiring from the inside out.

Ginger’s message and mine is this:

“Public Speaking is an act of leadership. Let’s step up and create change through our words.”

So welcome to the wonderful world of Ginger… I hope you enjoy the journey”

Sarah sig thin

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Founder – Ginger Training & Coaching

The Right Fit

To help you decide if Ginger fits you, here are the 5 things we value most in business (our ‘values’ if you like):


Be human, not a robot.

Once upon a time politicians were people, not professionals. Business owners had faces. Things were made by hand. Didn’t we all communicate differently back then? Wasn’t it all a bit more authentic? And a bit more enjoyable?

Ginger brings the ‘human’ back to public speaking, allowing you to be yourself when you communicate.


Clarity & depth.

Ever inflicted Death-By-PowerPoint on your audience? Sure, it’s quick and safe to throw together another slide deck, but it’s often a waste of time. The audience switch off and your message is lost in a cloud of dull information.

We get that you’re busy, but speaking can be easier and have more impact. We use our Ginger insight to show you how to speak and be remembered.


We want lasting impact

Imagine going from a nervous wreck to an award-winning speaker who’s just won a promotion. Who’s regularly delivering conference speeches – and loving it. Who’s become a thought leader in your industry.

This is a reality for graduates of our programmes. We take would-be (and wouldn’t-be) public speakers on transformational journeys.


We see your brilliance.

So much public speaking training is about criticism. ‘Put your leg here,’ ‘You said 14 Ums’, ‘You’re not standing up straight’ and so on. Familiar?

When we’re feeling insecure, criticism doesn’t make us grow – positivity does. We see your brilliance and nurture and direct you towards that. When you feel loved you flourish.


We learn best when we’re having fun

Who decided that to be a good speaker we have to have a slick PowerPoint, get everything right and show no weakness?

Balls to that, we say – to be confident, you need to make public speaking fun! When we’re having fun we’re relaxed, funny and more impressive speakers. That’s why Ginger training brings a splash of naughtiness to tickle out your playful side.